Thursday, December 30, 2010

Monday, Monday - Can't Trust that Day

Well, I solved my M&M problem today - I just ate them all.  Now I can walk around the house in peace – or maybe I should say – now I can waddle around the house in peace.  It’s hard to carry around 10 more pounds than you’re accustomed to carrying. It’s like strapping two 5 pound bags of sugar around your waist…and it’s literally around my waist.  It wouldn’t be quite so bad if it were more evenly distributed – say, like my wrists and ankles have always been skinny, and my fingers too – why doesn’t some of the fat go there?  Or even on the bottom of my feet – no-one would notice it there and I could use some extra cushioning to keep my feet from hurting.   Oh, and elbows – they could use some rounding out so I wouldn’t bump my funny bone all the time.  I could certainly do with some fat puffed into these “little fine lines” all over my face (we won’t call them wrinkles).   Or maybe I could harness some of that fluffy stuff, you know like in my bra for more of an hourglass figure instead of a Michelin Man figure. Too bad it doesn’t work that way.  Oh well, with the M&M’s out of the way, maybe I can get down to business.  I will go to the grocery store and buy veggies, cheese and lean meats.  And since my hens are on strike, I’ll have to buy some eggs.  But I won’t start this weekend.  We all know there’s a rule that says you cannot, and I mean cannot, start a diet any day of the week except Monday. 

O Tannenbaum

For the first time ever, I’m taking my Christmas tree down early this year.  Every year I delay it as long as I can – usually waiting until at least January 6th – the 12th day of Christmas.  Most of the time it’s just plain laziness, but it's also that I just want to hold on to it a little longer.  Each night before I unplug the lights, I take a moment to gaze upon the tree and the special ornaments that hold so many memories.  I start reflecting on Christmases past - I get a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart that just doesn’t come any other time of the year.  I have found myself thinking, “This is the true Christmas spirit, these warm memories conjured up from the past”.  Tonight as I was unplugging the tree I was reminded that I can have that special feeling anytime.  My happiness does not spring forth from that Christmas tree.  I can find that warm fuzzy feeling in the eyes of a child, in the arms of a loved one, and especially in the word of God.

I’m not saying that those memories aren’t important - they are part of who we are – where we have been.  Each year I will continue to put up my tree and it will continue to bring joy to my heart.  I’m just saying that Christmas should be in our hearts all year long with Christ as the anchor.  Amen

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Can Inanimate Objects speak?

Have you ever heard an inanimate object speak?  I have and as a matter of fact, this same object has spoken and called me by name every day this week.  It's like something sinister that whispers softly and makes me glance over my shoulder as I pass by to make sure it is really talking to me. It says "Glenda-a-a,  come back!  You can't just walk away from me-e-e".  I don't say anything back - I just walk away lest anyone watching thinks I'm a little crazy.  I go in another room and start doing house work - just anything in order to avoid this thing that keeps calling out my name.  Every once in a while I forget and walk past the door where this object is located and it speaks a little louder this time.  "Glenda-a-a, give u-up.  You know you can't get away from me-e."  Frustrated, I run to the fridge and dig out some carrots and celery sticks to try to get my mind off this terrible thing. This works for a little while - eating always does that for me - it gets my mind off things for awhile. But not for long - it's persistent, this little devil.  And everyday this week I have been drawn to it - knowing that I shouldn't - but this evil thing continues to have me in its power. If anyone knows how to silence a pretty, innocent little candy dish full of red and green M&M's, please let me know.

My favorite critic

"You call yourself a writer" my favorite critic said to me today - "why do you call yourself a writer?"  "Ummm.... because I like to write?"  I say tentatively and a little embarrassed.  "What have you written?"   "Well a little of this and that - and I have a journal that I've written in forever, and..., and oh yeah, I've started writing a book!", I say gaining a little momentum.   "Ahh, have you ever been published, because I think you have to be published to call yourself a writer."   "Uh, no I don't guess so", I say taken aback.  "Well then", she says walking away.

"Wait a minute" I say, "come back.  I am a writer because I write.  You don't have to be published to be a writer.  No one even has to even read what you write - you're a writer because you write down your feelings and what's in your heart".  "Oh", she says as we reconcile our feelings - "I suppose we are a writer after all".

Ups and Downs

In my quest to be a writer, I have hit many obstacles that make me feel like I'm traveling through a maze. Sometimes I feel like the Little Engine who Could - "I think I can, I think I can".  The next minute I feel like Moses when God told him he was chosen to lead his people out of slavery, but Moses didn't feel like he was up to the challenge.  God did keep his promise - "I will be with you always".  I feel that as long as I write with purpose, being true to myself, and honoring God all the way, my engine will make it up the hill and on to Glory!

Why I started all this!

Here we go!  I started this blog because someone told me that my Facebook profile looked as if I were writing a blog post.  "Keep it shorter" they said.  How dare they!  I like to write - it's as simple as that.  I think my life is full of funny stuff and if no-one else likes to read about it, then they can ignore my posts.  In fact, I may be the only person ever that reads my blog.  Now when I get really long-winded on Facebook, I'll just delete and run over here to blog about it.  Hey, I might even invite my friends.  If you get an invitation, that means that you may or may not enjoy my daily rants and ravings.  I will call them Senior Musings and Moments.  It will be a fun ride. Join me sometime!