Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Can Inanimate Objects speak?

Have you ever heard an inanimate object speak?  I have and as a matter of fact, this same object has spoken and called me by name every day this week.  It's like something sinister that whispers softly and makes me glance over my shoulder as I pass by to make sure it is really talking to me. It says "Glenda-a-a,  come back!  You can't just walk away from me-e-e".  I don't say anything back - I just walk away lest anyone watching thinks I'm a little crazy.  I go in another room and start doing house work - just anything in order to avoid this thing that keeps calling out my name.  Every once in a while I forget and walk past the door where this object is located and it speaks a little louder this time.  "Glenda-a-a, give u-up.  You know you can't get away from me-e."  Frustrated, I run to the fridge and dig out some carrots and celery sticks to try to get my mind off this terrible thing. This works for a little while - eating always does that for me - it gets my mind off things for awhile. But not for long - it's persistent, this little devil.  And everyday this week I have been drawn to it - knowing that I shouldn't - but this evil thing continues to have me in its power. If anyone knows how to silence a pretty, innocent little candy dish full of red and green M&M's, please let me know.

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