Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why I started all this!

Here we go!  I started this blog because someone told me that my Facebook profile looked as if I were writing a blog post.  "Keep it shorter" they said.  How dare they!  I like to write - it's as simple as that.  I think my life is full of funny stuff and if no-one else likes to read about it, then they can ignore my posts.  In fact, I may be the only person ever that reads my blog.  Now when I get really long-winded on Facebook, I'll just delete and run over here to blog about it.  Hey, I might even invite my friends.  If you get an invitation, that means that you may or may not enjoy my daily rants and ravings.  I will call them Senior Musings and Moments.  It will be a fun ride. Join me sometime!

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