Thursday, October 20, 2011

Violence begets Violence - Moammar Gadhafi is dead

This is not my normal kind of post.  I usually do light, fluffy kinds of posts, but that doesn't mean that I always have light and fluffy opinions or that I only ever talk about light and fluffy topics.  As Life Happens is my blog title and world news is a part of life happening all around us.  It seems lately that we've been ridding the world of terrorists, one at a time and today is one of those days.

Moammar Gadhafi is dead - a violent death at that.  He lived by the rules of violence and that's how he died.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not much for the "vengeance is mine" theory and never have been.  It's God's job to do the punishing His way, but the Libyan rebels thought otherwise - that killing seemed to be the only way to rid this world of this man's insanity.

It is said that Gadhafi had a very high IQ, but intelligence is wasted when ruthlessness and violence is all you know.  From what I've read, he had visions of grandiosity - with himself in the center of it all.  He had a high opinion of himself which few other people shared.  Through life, I've found that people who think so highly of themselves are usually not well thought of by others and this man was no exception.

Violence is a way of life for some cultures.  I'm glad we live in a country that is not identified by it's violent behavior.  We're not immune to it by a long shot, but at least we're governed by laws punishing those who exhibit it.  The bloodless coup that ended the reign of Libyan King Idris I in 1969 began Gadahafi's illustrious claim to fame.  The bloody coup that ended his reign today marked the end of an era - the end of a terrorist regime by a wishy-washy kind of guy who could not decide who he wanted to be.  A guy that kept most of the oil money his country produced within his inner circle of friends and family, but who also put in place a pipeline under the Sahara Desert to supply Libyans along the Mediterranean Coast with life saving water.  He was the guy who was behind the bombing of PanAm Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, but also the guy who eventually made monetary reparations to all their families - as if money could buy forgiveness and good will.  A strange, twisted sort of fellow.

But no matter how many times Gadhafi tried to re-identify himself, he was still a terrorist - a cold blooded killer kind of terrorist who died a cold blooded killer kind of death.  He lived the majority of his years as a ruthless, powerful man....and he died in a drainage ditch today - beaten to death by those over whom he reigned.  A fitting kind of death some would say, but a death nonetheless.  Who is to say whether it is right or wrong that he died that way, but I'm thinking the world may be a better place without him.


  1. Hi! Dear Glenda,
    Oh, the way you said "people who think so highly of themselves are usually not well thought of by others" I agree some truth in it!
    My husband I talked about him this morning. Yes, his death was a miserable one, I am NOT "for" the way he died, but as you said he was a terrorist...
    Hope whole world will not have to experience the violence☆☆☆

    Have a LOVELY weekend, my friend, Orchid*

  2. Obviously, it is good, for the sake of Libya, that he is no longer with us, as he was a despot really and caused misery to his people. However, I do find something rather awful about how people glorify in their deaths. It was the same with Hussein and Bin Laden. They were surely evil men but, I don't know, I find myself quite uncomfortable when I'm watching it on the television.

  3. There was something really obscene about the way he was killed and the vengeful, jubilant looks in the peoples' eyes.. I am definitely not on his side..... no way... he was an evil man ruling only by fear not respect. He had the mistaken belief that he was a loved person and I think he had some kind of superiority complex. If he'd have surrendered, when given the chance, many lives would have been saved.

    However, would trying him & hanging him make up for the terrible things he had done? I don't believe it would and I also feel that that is just as barbaric.
    What do you do with a man like that?
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


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