Saturday, October 22, 2011

The week in review - from flowers to vintage Saturday Flea market finds

This past week has been a little chopped up since we stayed a few days longer at the coast than we normally do.  We did a little fishing and I had my chance at the "big one that got away".   He gave me a run for my money though - it was exciting just to have the big guy on my hook for a while - but  alas, he broke my line and away he went back out into the deep blue sea.  Little did he know I would catch and release anyway (unless he was a giant flounder - my favorite fish to eat). 

It was a nice relaxing week.  When we got back home, I had lunch with some girlfriends one day and carpooled the grandkids and the foreign exchange students around here and there.  My youngest daughter now has two exchange students - one from Spain and the other from Germany.  They are both such sweet girls.  Nadir, from Spain has been here since mid-August.  Sarah from Germany had a difficult host family, so now my daughter has taken her in also.  Now Nadir and Sarah are part of our family until the end of the school year in early June.  My daughter now has four girls - and three of them are teenagers - to shuffle around and schedule their many activities.   It's a wonderful experience to have these girls in our family - it's like instantly adding two more grandchildren for a while.

My Knock-out roses are knocking themselves out for their last big hurrah before the frost gets them.  Look how pretty they are!
Another wonderful thing about the week is that my husband took pity on me and went down to the coast on Thursday alone to work - leaving me here to do many needed things around the house.  It's a feeling of freedom! 

I also got to visit the local flea market today and found some good buys as usual.  I found some glassware that will look good for the holidays coming up.  I got these pretty glasses for $6 for all 6.
Then I found these pretty goblets that were made by Libby Glassware in the 1980's for the fast food chain Arby's as a give-away with the purchase of a combo meal.  I love them and will use them at Christmas.  I got ten of them for $1 each.

I also found some wonderful Department 56 village pieces to add to my Christmas village I started last year.  I already own plenty of of the quaint little shops, houses, churches, etc, but not enough people and trees.  These were all in their original boxes from the 1990's and the retail price stickers were still on the boxes for a total of $232.50 for all the pieces.  I paid $55 total for all the pieces which was a steal!  One of the pieces is hard to find and I think I can sell it on Ebay for the amount I paid for all of them.  I sometimes do that sort of thing so that I can justify my purchase (smile).  I can't wait to start setting up my village and I will...right after Thanksgiving.  I love decorating for Christmas!
Some of the "Christmas in the City" Department 56 village pieces I found today.

The large "Town Christmas Tree".  It's sticker alone was $45.

I also lucked up with the vendor who buys department store closeouts / overstocks.  He let me buy several purses by Fossil and Jessica Simpson for a paltry sum!  Here's a couple of the Jessica Simpson ones that I'll be carrying.
This one is a small clutch

This is a large tote

All in all, it's been a good week.  I even found the time to list some things on Ebay and in my Etsy shop.  If you like vintage jewelry, take a look at my Etsy shop which you will find if you click the link "Etsy" on the right-hand side of my blog.

Hope all of you have had a good week!  Mine has been splendid.


  1. Hello, Dear Glenda.
    Happy to hear that you had a nice week. Sure is lovely red Knock-out roses and good shopping, my friend♬♬♬
    Oh, one of your daughters is having an exchange student the one from Germany!!! How wonderful, I wish she will have a splendid experience in your daughter's home and your country.

    Much love to you and your family, xoxo Orchid*

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