Monday, October 17, 2011

Saturday Treasures - Yard Sale, Thrift Shops and Flea Market Finds

Since I've been bragging about my little treasures I pick up at yard sales, flea markets and thrift and consignment shops, I'll start showing these on my blog each week.  Saturday I got all these vintage treasures (except for the leopard brooch) at a consignment shop while we were in Shallotte, NC this weekend.

The leopard above is a vintage Hattie Carnegie brooch.  The red and green festive clip earrings with rhinestones are vintage Trifari, the glitzy amber clip earrings arevintage Kramer and the black lucite with pave' rhinestones are vintage Weiss.  They're circa 1950's and 1960's.  The lamp / candle shade is beautiful etched irridescent glass made in Romania that I plan to use on a large vintage candle stand that I have.  I'm pretty sure the beaded shade cover was added later.   I was excited about my jewelry purchase.  I love to collect and wear vintage jewelry, but I'm thinking this will be sold in my Etsy shop online. 

And I did get a bargain.  I paid $10 for the Hattie Carnegie at the open air market (hope it will bring about $60) and I paid $15 for everything else (hope the Trifari will bring $15, the Weiss $18 and the Kramer $20.

Not bad for a Saturday morning, is it?  Do you like looking for treasures?  It's my favorite way to spend a Saturday morning! 


  1. The trouble is you have to know what you are looking for! I'm hopeless ...
    Loved your Fall Tablescape by the way (only just spotted it)

  2. Jane - I've been told that I can zero in on a bargain like an eagle zeroes in on his prey (smile)

  3. Dearest Glenda!
    Oh, I LOVE that leopard♡♡♡
    Well, I really AM Jealous people who can wear earings. Somehow it hurts and just not for me.
    Oh, yes we all women love treasure hunt,don't we♬♬♬
    Much Love and Hugs to you, Orchid*

  4. Great gets! I'll be hitting some estate sales tomorrow morning. Cherry Kay


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