Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If you're over the hill, why not enjoy the view?

The messages on church marquis signs are supposed to provoke thought and this one got my attention. "If you're over the hill, why not enjoy the view?"  I read it aloud to Henry and we both came up with different ideas on what we thought it meant and I started thinking about the many people who drive by those signs and just what they think when they read them.  Below are some of our thoughts:
For instance, a recently retired person (like me) might think that once she retired, she would do all the things she had dreamed of - traveling,  snuggling up on the sofa with a good book , join exercise classes, volunteer, etc.  At least in this economy, a reality check sets in.   With gas over $3 per gallon now and steadily rising, there’re a lot of us who will put travel plans on hold for awhile.  Instead of reading a good book or volunteering, I'll sit down at the computer to sell on-line trying to make a few extra dollars to make up for the income we're losing with Henry's business off.   Heck, even our hobby that turned into a job will be affected by gas prices – unless we just move down to the beach for the summer which may not be a bad idea.  We thought we would be "enjoying the view" at this time with more relaxing things.
Then there are the people who are always in a rush.  They rush to advance their careers, make more money, have a family,etc.  When they finally reach their goal, instead of sitting back enjoying what they have, they rush to have more, and more, and more.  The family they rushed to have are left to fend for themselves - they buy their children material things to keep them occupied rather than spending time with them.  They aren’t satisfied with the career move that can give them a comfortable lifestyle - they have to keep on moving up and making more money.  It's a vicious cycle - going up the hill but not taking the time to enjoy the view.
Eventually every one of us will be “over the hill”.  What we do when we get there will be the test of our true character.  We can sit back and whine about our aches and pains or we can get out there and live.  We can enjoy looking back on our accomplishments, but best of all, we can look to see what is to come.  We may not have a very long future left, but we can spend it wisely.  Enjoy our family and friends.  Impart the wisdom that has come to us from life’s experiences to those we love.  Give of our time and talents to our churches and communities.  Help those who are less fortunate than we are.  I think that’s what God intends us to do with our lives.  Traveling, snuggling with good books, etc., doesn’t quite seem so important anymore to those of us who have God in our lives.  Enjoying what God has in store for us does.  If you’re over the hill, enjoy the view – God’s view.  He has many plans in store for you.  Just stop long enough to listen.  And by the way, what does that message on the church marquis mean to you?  I would love to hear your comments.

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  1. My friend Camille emailed me her comment. Camille is a poet at heart and a true southern romantic! She says that sometimes one has to go over the hill to glimpse the beautiful side of life. How true! If we stay at the bottom, we'll never know what's on the other side. Camille, you can be my guest columnist at any time :-)


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