Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Cats in the Cradle and a Silver Spoon.....

Every night at bedtime, its "play hide and seek with the cat" and I'll bet you can't guess who's hiding.  Cello is a warm weather "outside" cat and a cold weather "resigned to the laundry room with the door closed" cat.  After a shower and brushing teeth (my teeth, not the cat's) I start my nightly ritual.  "Henry, have you seen the cat?"  "Not lately, the last time I saw him he was curled up in the blanket basket."  I start with all his favorite snuggle spots - the basket beside the TV, then on to the stash of Ebay boxes in the office, then to the sunroom and if I haven't found him by then, I go get the cat food bag and start shaking it all around the house.  That cat food bag usually does the trick - that cat loves to eat.

 Tonight after going through all his regular hang-outs and the cat food trick, still no cat to be found.  Thinking he may have breached his cold weather contract, I opened the outside door and called him to no avail.  If I wanted to get a good nights sleep without Cello jumping in our bed in the middle of the night kneading his huge paws in the middle of my stomach, I know I'd better do a clean sweep of the house.  Open closet doors, no Cello.  Look under beds, no Cello.  Look under the sofa and the dining room table, still no Cello.  Go upstairs where he rarely goes, don't see Cello.

Ah ha!  I remember putting some Christmas boxes in the attic this morning - so I open attic door and hear a purring noise somewhere in the deep dark depths of my spooky attic.  Remember this is the same upstairs where Jim the resident ghost usually hangs out.  You really don't want to go in my attic.  It's full of relics from past lifetimes - I usually stuff something in there and then shut the door real quick.  I tried calling Cello, he didn't answer.  I did this "kitty, kitty, kitty" scratch, scratch, scratch thing that we do when we're playing cat & mouse, he didn't respond.  But I still hear a snoring sound, so I bravely get a flashlight and start moving boxes.  There he is!  He has his great big cat body stuffed into a little wooden toy cradle that the girls used for their dolls when they were little. I wish I could say that I had my stash of silver spoons stored in the cradle so that I could live up to the title of this blog, but this is a true story so I can't add any embellishments. Since he was so sacked out, I just carried him, cradle and all to the laundry room.  Get some good z-z-z's Cello.  Maybe you'll dream about "little boy blue and the man in the moon".

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  1. That is too funny! My cat does the same thing in our basement! lol


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