Monday, July 27, 2015

Pause for Reflection

It's nice to take a little break from writing now that my book is in the formatting stage. In other words, it's finished except for being published. I've taken little breaks throughout the year for sanity's sake, but there's always that cloud hanging over my head, kinda' like one of those cartoon caption clouds, saying "You're not finished yet - get back to work!"

I'm glad to say the cloud is gone and without it there, I can take time to reflect on the here and now in my time and place, without having my characters in my head screaming for my attention.

I'm so accustomed to getting up early in the morning, making my coffee and bringing it to the computer desk. I surf through emails and FB, then ideally go on to my devotional time. After I get the fog lifted from my brain with my coffee, I can have some quiet writing time before hubby gets up and at 'em. But if I don't discipline myself, I sometimes find that I'm still surfing an hour later. Then once I'm in front of the computer and get the thought process flowing, it's hard to make myself get up.

This morning I put myself on a new schedule. I was up at 7 and took my cup of coffee out to the patio area out back. I listened to the roosters as they upped the ante on who could crow the loudest. I don't know what their prize was - maybe a romp in the hen house with their favorite lady, but one's voice definitely stood out from all the rest. I'm glad my neighbors are early risers - if not, they would be turning him in for breaking the noise ordinance.

There were so many summer noises and sights that I've been missing. Birds singing, bees buzzing, the sun peaking over the treetops. A train clickity-clacking down the track with its whistle blowing as it approaches the cross arms, making me wonder where it's been and where it's going.

The morning dew was still on the grass and I watched as Theo bounded across the yard, knowing full well what was about to happen but my brain didn't register fast enough for me to move out of his way. Then with his water sogged, spring-loaded back legs, he landed right in my lap nearly knocking my coffee out of my hand. His previous rolling around in the red dust combined with the heavy dew on his feet did nothing for my black and white (Henry calls them prison striped) pajamas except add a little color and character to them. That was okay though. This cool cat rarely displays emotion, but it was apparent by his snuggles that he was happy that I was outside enjoying his favorite time of the day.

Being outside in the morning makes you see things that are not so noticeable in the heat of the day when you're in a hurry to get back in the cool house. Like my white porch railings that were filthy, the porch floor which needed a good brushing and mopping, and the screen door which had a thousand and one hand prints.  What better time to tackle a job like that while the temperature is pleasant - and I did. Then it was on to tackle other jobs outside and in, and by the time I finally took a seat in front of the computer, it was 11:30 a.m.

Being outside early with no electronic distractions gives me time to reflect and to count my blessings. Granted, I always read my Bible and devotional at my computer desk each morning, but that alone isn't enough. The one-on-one companionship and commune with God that you get from being surrounded by nature adds a whole new dimension to worship. It's like the Holy Spirit is feeding you the things you've been hungering for. It's a schedule I plan to keep following. What a great way to start a day!

Later I went out and took some photos of our flowers and our old house with good bones before it got so hot.

Bottle tree

Tiny blue flowers make a big splash

Old iron headboard frames some little shade flowers

Made from the steps that walk down to the street. Our house will have a big birthday in 2019.  A whopping 100 years old. 

Old wheelbarrow filled with color

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