Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Topsy Turvy

Topsy Turvy is a great way to describe May and June at our house this year although I shouldn't limit topsy turvy to two months - it's more like for the past two years.

My life turned upside down, or maybe I should say right side up since the publication of my first book in the Southern Grace Series in late December, 2013, followed quickly by the second and any day now, the third book which will complete the trilogy. I went from trudging along writing hour after hour, to the crazy world of book promotions, book signings, and speaking at events. It has truly taken me out of my comfort zone and I can't say enough good things about getting out of a comfort zone! Everyone should just do it. It took me far too many years to make the plunge and gain the confidence, but with God's help, I did it.

Now, back to May and June. Grandchildren have a way of turning your life upside down anyway, and then when they start reaching those life changing milestones in their lives, it starts shaking yours up a little bit more. Jake, our oldest grandchild graduated from high school last year, and last month he completed his freshman year. Now the second grandchild, Chloe has graduated and will begin her freshman year of college in August. And the third and last one, Genevieve will enter 8th grade this year, so she's not so far behind.

It's these milestones, the metamorphosis of your babies from childhood to adulthood, that turns you into a Melancholy Mama - or in this case Grandmama, pouring through hundreds of photos and wondering how those childhood years of cuddles and hugs got away. The last two weeks have especially been tough. Seeing Chloe walk across that stage as one of the top 5 in her class, then watching as if by magic turning 18 years old on Sunday turned her into an adult right before my eyes. I literally could see it! One day looking into the eyes of a child, the next looking into the eyes of woman.

Do we grandmothers just notice these things more than we did with our own children? I think so. We develop a keener insight when we know that time REALLY does fly. And we learn that living in a topsy turvy world is just fine.

Glenda Manus
June 16, 2015

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