Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Cat's Meow............

Theo took a trip to the Vet today to have a little snip or two.  He wasn't a happy camper and he howled all the way there.  I didn't even know he could make those kinds of noises - pretty amusing actually.   He was a good boy though and stood still while they weighed him - 8.8 pounds - which is pretty heavy for a six month old cat who probably weighed a pitiful pound or two when someone abandoned him on our doorstep about three months ago.
A photo of Theo - last night - unsuspecting of what the morning would bring.

Having a cat was not in our plans and having him neutered was not really something we wanted to spend money on, but what do you do?   I told the animal hospital when I called this week that I wanted the bare minimum - no FIV, FelV, Elisa, and no IFA tests - all which can add up to a small car payment whatever they are.  These sound important, but if he has one of these diseases, I don't want to know about it.  After all, he's pretty lucky that he has a warm home, plenty of food and someone to rub his ears now and then.  We didn't pick this cat - he picked us. Of course I did pay an extra $8 to get a rabies shot - that's just common sense.  Who wants a rabid cat on their hands?

But then the assistant asked me if I wanted pain meds for after the surgery.  "It's only $10" she said.  Now don't you think pain meds should be a part of the surgical cost?  I mean even if it is a snip or two, it hurts doesn't it?  I asked her that - she shrugged her shoulders.   I sat there for a moment envisioning this poor cat doubling over with pain and looking at me with pitiful eyes when I bring him home this afternoon.  I thought about him climbing the walls and frantically running around like the little maniac that he can be sometimes.  I thought about him attacking me in my sleep because I didn't give him anything to ease his pain.

"Sure", I said.  "Just give me enough to knock him out".


  1. I love this!!! He is a lucky cat to have found you any way you look at it... shots or not

    1. I think so too:-) We have grown rather fond of the little rascal and I'm finding it very quiet without him here jumping up on my lap this morning.

  2. He got lucky that's all I can say.
    But I do have a growing feeling that in our love with our pets - I have three dogs - we're also very manipulated by specialist on this and that.
    Nothing is free any more. He's pretty, Glenda.

    P.S. I had no idea that cats didn't enjoy to ride in the car. This week a friend posted in facebook saying and I found it hillarious. My he-dogs (men!) thrive to hop in the car even if it's not in motion; sometimes hubby is around the car doing what man usually do in that front part ;) and they jump inside and stay until he tells them to unboard ahahahah. My she-dog endures any ride, not her favorite but she adopts the Driving Miss Nina poise and "let's get over with" but my friend's cat panicks. So does yours. Well, he's home now, living his King's Life :love:

    1. I've never had a cat that likes to ride in a car. They're terrified for some reason. Theo has good reason to be wary though. When he first appeared on our property, he hid under my hubby's truck. He unknowingly cranked it up and drove about 8 miles to the grocery store and when he got there, he heard meowing coming out from under the truck. He couldn't get the cat to come out, so he went in the store and shopped and came out and didn't hear him. Thinking he had run away (hoping he had), he drove on home and Theo jumped out. I'm sure that was quite a scary ride.

  3. I feel Theo's pain...and yours! I'm all for the knock out drugs if it helps ease my pain along with the pet's!

  4. What a lovely photo of all those beauties in your back garden. Loved the photo of Theo. He is very lucky to have found you! I hope that the painkillers worked - for you as well as Theo!!

  5. He hasn't even needed the painkillers. He's a little groggy and decided he wants to sleep the evening away on my lap.

  6. Hi, Dearest Grenda.
    It really lovely to read that he wanted to sleep on your lap. It must have been a hard day, but as others said he sure is a one lucky kitty having you as a owner♬♬♬
    He is a pretty handsome fellow♡♡♡
    Blessing to you, xoxo Miyako*

  7. Awww...Theo may be a little quite for a few days. Then back to his usual self. We have been through this with our cats we had and now with our little Downy. She is a toy size Maltese and soooo cute.

    Glenda, could you ask your sister where is was that you went to see the tulips and daffodils in WA? Mom said we went north of La Conner and east or west of Mt Vernon, can't remember that last part.

    We may have another thing in common. Seattle earthquakes and tulip fields. :)

    Give Theo a rub behind the ears for me. I hope he is ok and that you all will have a good night. Take care, Janet W

  8. The day I discovered I was pregnant with our first child my husband bought me a little gift - a week old kitten he found in a dustbin ... or rather the kitten found him, clambered onto his foot and wouldn't let go. I told him to find a shoe box and we would bury it in the garden the following day - 19 years and two continents later we did bury him in the garden! He had the snip at about the same age - I don't recall being asked about pain relief, I just remember he strutted around for a couple of days as if he had two rugby balls there (I had to keep checking to make sure we hadn't been ripped off) It's funny cats do find you - you just have to know where to look.
    Hope Theo is feeling happier today.

  9. I was surprised too when I took our fuzzies in for their snip and tuck. I would have thought that pain killer would be figured into the basic bill. Goodness I can't imagine not having it for the first couple of days.


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