Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'll be careful what I wish for.....

We had another Spring-like day today with temperatures hovering about 60 degrees Fahrenheit at noon.  Here it is - early February and we haven't had any winter weather to speak of.  We had a couple of days it dipped down into the low 20's, but by now, we would normally have had lots of twenty degree and lower days, even dipping into the teens.  As I was driving the girls home from church this afternoon,  I commented that I was wishing for just one good snow.  A little voice in the back of my head said, "Be careful what you wish for"!  Yes, we've had some of our biggest snows here in the South in February and March, so it's not too late.

As a matter of fact, we could go from this:
to this in the matter of a few days:
I didn't date the above photo, but this was sometime in February, 2004 when a winter storm dumped over a foot of snow in our area.  That was my van covered in snow  - you can only get a little glimpse that it was red. 

At this point in the winter, I can't even imagine it being cold enough to snow like this photo above, but you never know.   I must definitely be careful what I wish for.  However, there's still this inner child within that's wishing for snow! 


  1. We had six inches fall on Saturday night - the first of the winter. Now we have fog so its quite lethal out there.

    1. Jane, I remember just a week or so ago you were posting about the warm winter you've had in London, so I suppose we can still have our snow here.

  2. Glenda...we haven't had snow yet in Raleigh, but I know winter's not over. All my quince is blooming and the camellias are just beginning. I wouldn't mind a mild winter this year.

  3. I agree, Sush. I'm liking the mild weather. I feel more like I'm in Florida than in Upstate South Carolina. We're right across the NC border just south of Charlotte. My Snowball bush has been blooming all winter. It's never done that before.


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