Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekly Saturday Morning Flea Market Treasure Hunt turns Christmasy

If you read my blog regularly, you can predict what my Saturday afternoon blogs are about and you'll know how I spend 99% of my Saturday mornings - treasure hunting at local flea markets and yard sales.  

From October through December, I have an eagle eye for spotting anything vintage Christmas and today was a no exception.    I spent a total of $12 today so let me show you what I found.

Department 56 North Pole Beauty Shoppe - one just sold on Ebay for $35
 Fitz and Floyd Candy Dish 1984 - Ebay price: $20
 Clothtique Le Possible Dreams Santa:  Ebay $10 - $15
 Very vintage - never used tinsel Garland - Ebay price $14.99 for 2
 Very vintage Icicles - new in original box - Ebay price $14.99 for 2
 Very vintage Union Wadding spun glass Angel Hair new in original box: - Ebay prices $10 - $30 
 Enough vintage poinsettia fabric to make a 120" tablecloth plus a little extra for other projects - I didn't price it on Ebay because this will be mine.  I paid $1 for it.
 hundreds of vintage miniature ornaments for feather trees and other small trees - worth maybe $15
All of this for a total of $12.  What a bargain.  I do enjoy my Saturday morning treasure hunts!  Now to find time to list all this stuff on Etsy or Ebay.  Ebay's new fee schedule made me want to just quit selling there, but it's still the best place to get the most money for vintage items.  Grrrr....


  1. Hi Glenda. I love the new Christmassy look of your blog! I can't believe you snaffled all those lovely vintage things for just 12 dollars!! What a bargain. My favourite has to be the North Pole Beauty Shoppe. It's very pretty. Good luck with selling it all on e-bay.

  2. Hi Glenda, wow you did good $12 And made that back and more in just the $35 sale. You found some great things. If I had the money I would go shoppin at ebay :)
    I love your background from TCP. She must made a couple new ones. I changed mine to the merry and bright one :)

    Mom said that there was an earthquake in Seattle in '49 too. Hmm. I thought that there had only been one in my whole life. lol. You and mom proved me wrong lol

    Love reading your blog. Have a great Saturday and a spirit filled Sunday :) Take care.

  3. Hi Glenda, Wow you are a great shopper! That is a talent to be able to spy out those vintage valuable items. I have never been able to do that.

    God bless the rest of your weekend.

  4. You did great...I would love to come shopping with you...I bet you know all the best places to look.

    Blessings Kelsie

  5. Hi Glenda, thank you for your comments on my blog. Isn't the TCP blog great? :) When you said that you went there and changed your background to the one I had cause you liked it so much I came here to see how it looked. Looks great. But guess what....Before I had read your comment or came here to see, I had gone to TCP again to see the new backgrounds and saw one I liked...I changed mine :) So I guess you can stop by to see it too :) TCP will have some new graphics soon too. Anyway, I gotta go..take care I hope you had a lovely Sunday Janet W

  6. Hello, Dearest Glenda.
    Oh, what a LOVELY new blog background and header with full of Christmas atmosphere♡♡♡
    Yes!!! You have a talent for shopping, my friend♬♬♬
    All fo these beautiful items, which definitely people love!!!
    Blessing to you and all of your lovely family, xoxo Orchid*

    PS> So Sorry for my belated comment, really busy since last Fri. Visiting relatives and so on.
    And still AM, whew... Students are going to have term-test.


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