Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chandelier - Did I make a wrong choice?

I've never been quite satisfied with the chandelier that was hanging in our dining room when we bought our home fifteen years ago.  I liked the patina of the aging light fixture, but it was not really large enough for the room, the chain was too short for the height of the ceiling and it just looked out of place....I thought.

Every time I went by the lighting department at any of the home improvement stores, I would check out the chandeliers to see if anything was calling out to me.  Nothing ever did until recently.  I found one that I fell in love with.  Sure, it didn't have the aged patina of the old one, but it had such an elegant look - and the fact that the white porcelain was done in a Victorian swag design sealed the deal for me.   This past week I talked Hubby into installing it for me.  Installing things in an old house is always a nightmare and this was no exception.  The mount on the new fixture didn't fit into the cavity where the old one came out, but with a little jury-rigging and me holding it straight over my head with arms stretching up toward the ceiling for thirty minutes not daring to wiggle, we finally did it.  What do you think?

I think I like it.  It's eight arms versus the five on the other makes a good fit for the size of the room.  The additional bulbs give much needed lighting to a room with only one window.  Even though the library you see beyond the french doors which also serves as my office has several windows, it just never seemed light enough in the dining room.  The chain length allows me to drop it within 30 inches of the table which really seems to anchor the room.  I do miss the warm, gold glow of the older one, though.   I'm going to keep the old one around for a while just in case I decide to change it back.

Give me your honest opinion.  I'm not a decorator and would appreciate some advice from someone with more of an eye for this kind of thing.  It won't take but thirty minutes to switch it back although I will probably have to hire someone to help me when hubby isn't home.  Believe me, he will never notice.

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  1. I honestly prefer the new white one. It goes really well with the white coving that you have going around the room.


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