Thursday, September 29, 2011

Aunt Bertie's 91 year old boyfriend streaking across the lawn in his birthday suit

The social interaction of Facebook seems to have taken a new turn in the last few months.  I don't know if you've noticed but there seems to be a gradual shift from the short, witty quips and snippets of conversation that drew me to Facebook to a "copy and paste" approach which puts me more in the mind of those thousands of email messages that we have all forwarded from time to time.  I prefer to be original - I don't care for copying and pasting what a million and one people have already seen.

Don't get me wrong....there are worthwhile messages out there worth hearing and social media is a great place to get the word out but it's beginning to seem more and more like those "FWD" emails that you get from friends that you never open except that on FB, they're already open and right in your face.

Also, I've tried to limit the number of Facebook friends I have because as all of you well know, it can get rather cumbersome trying to keep them categorized into who you want to see all your posts and who you want to share only certain things with.  Just when you think you have it all under control, Facebooks changes it's privacy settings and you have to do it all over again.   I'm sure that about 85% of my "friends" really don't care what I had for breakfast this morning or if my grandson recently made the "A" honor roll.  They don't really care about clicking on the links that I post each time I write a blog.   They don't want to see the photo's that we made of Aunt Berties 95th birthday party and her 91 year old boyfriend "streaking" across the lawn in his birthday suit for the special occasion.  Ah ha - I got you with the Blog title didn't I?

When I first started Facebook, I tried to avoid the games, but eventually got sucked into Farmville.  A friend recently posted a cartoon photo that shows how I was with Facebook and Farmville.  I stayed up all hours of the night planting and harvesting my crops, taking care of my livestock and building fences.  And all of this from a farm gal of old who vowed she would never, ever farm when she grew up.  About a year ago, I finally quit - cold turkey.

A cute cartoon with the roles reversed - a chicken playing Cityville

For the past couple of years and especially since I retired, I've enjoyed sitting in front of my computer each morning with a cup of coffee and checking to see the funny things my friends have to say.  I've loved connecting and corresponding with old high school friends and learning about their likes and dislikes.  I've loved seeing pictures of them and their children and grandchildren and marveling at how these friends still look so good after all these years.  I've been amazed at finding how our lives have crossed many of the same paths but yet we have gone in so many different directions.

But now, I'm finding that each morning when I stare at my computer screen, I see so few of my friends posting anymore.  I miss that!  I want to have my coffee break surrounded by close friends bantering back and forth about our everyday lives.  Everyone is complaining about the new Facebook changes.  I don't think it's really about the changes they've made.  I think it's the changes we've made - ever so gradually that we didn't even realize that we've quit sharing the things that are really important - the mundane things that make us who we are and show us that Life Happens... whether we're active participants or not.


  1. Hi Glenda, I hope this isn't a repeat of a former comment I sent from my laptop. Glad i came across your blog on another friends blog.
    I was wondering if you'd care to give me the name of the restaurant you spoke of on Holden Beach,NC and any other places you think are nice there as I am going there for my first time and always like to get personal experience info.
    Thanks in advance and I enjoy reading your blog ,I live in WNC and go to SC frequently.
    Blessings to you

  2. Brilliant title for your post today Glenda! I agree with everything you said. I used to be totally addicted to Farmville, Zoo and Treasure Isle, and, like you, spent hours harvesting crops and feeding my animals. Then when I started this blog, almost a year ago, I just stopped it all. I just couldn't cope with blogging AND playing all these games! What are we like?! Have a lovely weekend my friend.

  3. So I finally realise what I am doing wrong - I need to take a leaf out of Aunt Bessies book and go for a younger man. They seem much more "up for it" as we say over here.

  4. Hi Carolina Nana - thanks for dropping in! I replied to your message you sent so it should show up in your email mailbox.

    Diane, those games are just so addictive! You are right - blogging takes up more time than most people realize - especially if you love to read other people's blogs like I do.

    Jane, go for the younger man!


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