Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Be still and know that I am God" from Psalms 46:10

Sunday afternoons were simple during my growing up years.  My mother started cooking Sunday lunch before we left for Sunday School and when we came home from the worship service, it was in the oven to be warmed and ready to eat.  It was always a huge meal with at least three vegetables, meat, homemade biscuits and mouth watering desserts.  Then dishes were washed and another tablecloth put over the food to be devoured again for supper.  No refrigeration was required back in those days - we didn't know any better, but we never got sick.

After dessert, my dad and my grandpa would take a nap and my mom and I would each settle down with a good book.  This didn't usually last too long because there was always company dropping in.  It was usually extended family or friends.  Sometimes they would stay for dinner which only required lifting the tablecloth off and setting the table.  Sometimes it was warmed over and sometimes it was eaten cold - there's nothing like cold fried chicken - especially the kind Mama made.

But the thing I remember most is how relaxing it all was - no rushing to go places - just a quiet, still Sunday afternoon that seemed to go on forever.  Don't we wish we had more of those kind of days?  Not many people rest on Sunday afternoons anymore.  Young families try to pack in entertainment for their kids when all they really need is a time to rest and be ready for Monday.

It's quiet here this afternoon.  We had a big ol' Sunday lunch today.  We're both being lazy since clearing the table - and leftovers WERE put in the refrigerator - our systems are no longer accustomed to eating food that has set out all day.   We've both been reading and playing around on the computer.   I found this picture a little bit ago that I had stored on Snapfish.  I gathered these roses last Fall at the end of the season.  The rosebushes had pushed themselves into a frenzy all summer producing thousands of blooms, but now it was their time to rest.  I cut a fresh bouquet and put them in this old antique planter so I could enjoy them for a little while longer before the coming frost.

The quiet beauty of the roses reminded me of this Bible verse from Psalms:

 “Be still, and know that I am God;
   I will be exalted among the nations,
   I will be exalted in the earth.”
                  Psalms 46:10

I've always taken that verse to mean to surrender, let go - that God is in control, not ourselves.   What a comforting thought for a restful and quiet Sunday afternoon.  The reverie will be broken in a little while when I prepare for a church meeting at four p.m.; but for the moment, I will "be still". 


  1. A while ago I wrote about what we did on Sundays as kids ... it was always a family day, and it was considered very bad form for anyone (other than family or very close friends) to disturb you on that day ... I can't be doing with this 24 hour amusement that has been thrust upon us!

  2. Jane, my children are in their late 30's / early 40's. We did Sundays as they were growing up the same as my parents did and now they're doing the same with their kids. A stress-free day is needed now more than ever.

  3. Those are lovely memories of days gone by. I think my hubby would love some of your mother's cold fried chicken :) I also love your roses. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.


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