Friday, April 29, 2011

A new twist to the Ghost Rider on Hwy 5 story

There's a new twist to my previous blog from last night.  It just keeps getting weirder.  I told you about the strange apparition of a man on a bicycle that we saw as we traveled Hwy 5 near Blacksburg, SC yesterday.  I was still trying to make sense of it this morning so I emailed the Chamber of Commerce that covers the Blacksburg area and told them what we had seen and had there been any other reported sightings like that around that area.  I also tried to assure them that I was not some kooky "ghost adventures" kind of person and that even though I'm a little kooky at times, my husband is certainly not. 

Almost immediately I got a phone call from one of the ladies that works at the Chamber which is located in Gaffney.  She was amazed at the story because of a personal link to it.  Her father-in-law's family had grown up on a farm on Hwy 5 near Blacksburg.  There were several children in the family and they only had one bicycle between them.  And I'm sure you can guess the rest of the story.  Yep, one of the boys was killed on the bike in a car accident.  She thinks this was in the 1930's.  She is going to try to get in touch with the only surviving uncle who lives in Chicago who has recently been in the hospital to find out more about the story.  She said that she remembers hearing the story several times of one of the uncles commenting that not only had they lost a brother, but they had lost their only bicycle as well.  I guess back in the '30's during the depression years, the loss of their only bicycle was a big thing - loss of transportation and entertainment. 

Ghost Rider on Hwy 5 - that has a catchy sound to it - maybe I'll write a song about it, you know, like Johnny Cash's Ghost Rider in the Sky.

Do you have any ghost stories to tell?  I would love to hear them.


  1. That would freak me out but I WOULD go back to look. I love being a part of something like that. Scares me but intrigues me.

    My cousin, has a disabled daughter, she is the sole caregiver. One day she was driving pretty fast down the road when she saw her Daddy, (She slowed as she knew her Dad had passed away) He was gone, but she had slowed down. If her speed had kept up, whe would have been in the middle of a huge accident. She belived her Daddy saved her life and knew she was the only one to take care of the daughter who is now 48 years old and TOTALLY dependent.

  2. Sue, I've heard so many stories like yours. God is always with us and I have no problem thinking he sometimes sends his angels to watch over us.


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