Friday, April 29, 2011

The Ghost riding a Bicycle

What I am about to tell you, you will not believe.  I wouldn't believe it either if someone told me.  I have always made light of our ghost named Jim and have told many a tongue and cheek story about him - all done in trying to explain weird things that happen in our old house - after all, all old houses should have a ghost, right?  But this is not about our Jim - this is something far stranger that Henry and I saw today on Highway 5 on our way to Blacksburg, SC.

Hwy 5 was always a small two-lane road from Rock Hill to Blacksburg, but now that they've made a good bit of it a four lane, we've started going that way when we're heading toward Spartanburg.  Today we were speeding through a remote stretch of road about four or five miles before we reached Blacksburg.  There was a hill coming down on the left side of the road and an embankment going down on the right side with railroad tracks running parallel with the road.  There were no side roads or trails and it was open country.  There were several cars in front of us, but we were all pretty scattered apart - there was no heavy traffic at all.  All of a sudden, about fifty yards ahead of us, out of nowhere there appeared a bicycle crossing the road from the left - I mean it just appeared out of nowhere.  It crossed within a few feet of one of several cars ahead of us that were heading in the same direction we were going.  Henry said "What in the world is that?".  "It's a bicycle", I said, "but a strange sort of one".  I don't know how to describe it other that it looked like a silhouette of an old-fashioned bicycle or a shadow of a bicycle with a thin man riding it.  It came across all four lanes of traffic from the left side of the road to the right.  A few seconds later, when we got to where it had crossed, there was absolutely nowhere that it could have gone but there was no sign of a bicycle.  At the speed it was going, it would have tumbled down the embankment toward the railroad tracks.  The terrain was plainly visible - but no bike!  But we had plainly seen it cross completely across the road - where had it gone?  What had made it look so strange was that it was in monochrome - it seemed to have no color to the bike or the man riding it.  It looked like it was from an old black and white TV program.  When I told Henry what I saw, he confirmed that it was exactly what he saw.

Now, Henry does not believe in ghosts in any shape or form.  He laughs when I talk about our Jim.  But today he wasn't laughing.  There was absolutely no explanation for what we saw.  I searched on-line for sightings of ghosts riding bicycles and/or ghosts in Blacksburg.  I did find one story about a haunted house near Blacksburg that was supposedly haunted by a man whose daughter was killed while riding a bicycle.

We came home a different route.  We were both still a little spooked by the disappearing man on the bike.  Henry's comment on the whole thing:  "That was weird with a capital W".

Please continue to check out my new blogs for updates as I try to solve the mystery.

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