Sunday, September 30, 2018

An Update on James

My heart is so full right now as I write this update from my post from yesterday. You know, we watch world news and political rants until we're heartsick, but we tend to forget that our world is also filled with so many KIND-HEARTED people! Here's an update on the story about our friend near Whiteville who lost basically everything in the flooding. He has now made his own repairs to the floors that were falling apart. After I posted James' story I got many responses from people who want to know how they can help. We'll get to that later. Then my post was shared by many people including my dear friend, Linda. It reached one of her cousins in Whiteville who has a true servant's heart. I just now chatted with this cousin whose name is Susan and she said she had been praying for God to reveal the next person for them to help. Her husband is in the logging business and knows James but didn't know his circumstances. In one day's time, these gracious people have already visited him, assessed his situation fully, found out his basic needs (refrigerator, small stove, and a bed.  I am just blown away by their kindness.
Now from this end, we'll be working on buying James some transportation. When we get back from a planned trip this coming week, Henry and I will be planning a BBQ fundraiser to help fund the cost of the vehicle and other pressing needs. Also, I plan to donate all proceeds and royalties from my books so we may be calling on people to buy BBQ and books. Books make good Christmas gifts and BBQ makes for good Fall of the year eating!
And, as Linda's cousin Susan says, God works in mysterious ways! Yes, He does!

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