Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Gossip on Main Street

Once again, you can be privy to the happenings and rumors in the fictitious little town of Park Place, South Carolina as I write my new book. Here's today's Park Place Gazette. The Wednesday Edition is giving you a few teasers from my next book!

Hmm... Strange things are happening in Park Place. Everyone's talking about the stranger seen behind May's Flower Shop during the worst thunder and lightning storm of the season, but the next day they've forgotten all about it when the town's first murder in decades has been committed in the same alleyway behind the shop's dumpster. Who could it be? Rumors are flying and no one in Park Place will feel safe until Police Chief, Jess Hamilton finds the killer.

Someone in town is having a baby, but we're not telling who!

Who's the mysterious nun who's working with the homeless shelter at the catholic church? She's awfully interested in the murder victim, but you'll have to read The Sweet Tea Quilting Bee to find out why!

Stay tuned.....

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