Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New Format - Newspaper Style

Today I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice if I could share some of the daily happenings in the lives of my characters. The town of Park Place and its population of characters live in my head as well in my books and I often imagine them living day-to-day much like we do where I live in Van Wyck. I'm sure they had a July Fourth celebration and the ladies of  Park Place Presbyterian Church will be hosting their annual High Tea as a fundraiser again this summer.

The Park Place Garden Club is busy trying to choose the prettiest Yard of the Month. I've heard that Jenny Wilson and Betty Ann Williams are in the running and are planting a few more annuals to give their yards and gardens a burst of color before the judging begins.

Wanda Burns is busy writing her new book, and when asked about the publication date, she said, "I've been spending way too much time on Facebook. I've got to find a secluded place to write where I don't have access to the internet!" Last year she wrote from a gazebo by the sea. Perhaps this year she'll find a nice, quiet spot by a mountain stream.

There's a rumor going around about a crime that was committed in the alley behind the Banty Hen Antique Shop, but the crime is still under investigation since the new book is not due for a couple more months. This reporter doesn't want to give too much away!

Stay tuned! The Park Place Gazette will be in production soon!

Glenda Manus, reporter

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