Friday, September 12, 2014

Book Babies - Watching them grow...

     Is there anything quite as euphoric as writing the final chapter of your novel? It's almost like giving birth to a new baby, and if you're a self published author, the comparison doesn't stop there. I recently finished the sequel to Sweet Tea and Southern Grace and at least this time I know the amount of work I need to do to make this baby grow!

     With ST&SG, I was like a new mother nursing my baby along until it took it's first steps. I couldn't just sit idly by and expect it to flourish on its on. It needed to be fed, changed if necessary and then introduced to social situations so that eventually it could become well adjusted and self-supporting. But just like a child, it will never stop needing me, if only to give it a push now and then on it's road to success.

     Having the second book baby will be a little easier, just like having a second child. I've learned so much - changes, feeding, social adjustments. and little pushes along the way - those are the things that are necessary to take it from mediocrity to success. 

     Early October is the due date for my second child, Lighting the Way. I'll post a birth announcement soon giving the name and details. Watch for it and help make my baby grow. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child!

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