Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Writer's Block Anyone?

Do you ever have writer's block. You don't have to be writing a novel to have it. My blogs have suffered lately, but I confess it's more from working on other projects than the inability to think of something to write. But what about emails to your friends - or business letters - or, in the world of social media, responses to the Facebook posts of your friends. We all suffer from it at one time or another.

Although I'm making a lot of progress on Book #2, I'm finding that I'm getting stuck pretty often. I wrote Book #1, Sweet Tea and Southern Grace, in what I thought was a pretty unconventional way - just writing scenes as I thought of them. It worked reasonably well, but it was a bugger to go back and put it in chronological order! There was an awful lot of filling in to do and making sure the apple cart wasn't in front of the horse.

This one I've written straight through from Chapter 1 through now (Chapter 19).  I can see there are pros and cons whichever way you decide to do it. As far as keeping up with the events unfolding in the story, I'm finding writing straight through to be beneficial, but I feel as if I'm losing something in the process.

This morning I read a bit of advice from award winning author, Richard Ridley. Hmm...maybe I'll go back to my old method of writing after all. I think my create juices flow a little better that way. Thankfully, I am way ahead of schedule, so I can go back and expound on the little areas that need help. Here's what Ridley has to say:

"There is no law that requires you to write a story chapter by chapter in the order in which it will be read. You are free to write the book out of order. Don't force yourself to muddle through a chapter just because you want to get to the next part of your book. Simply leave the chapter unfinished and move on to the next chapter. 
Writing in a non-linear fashion may be just the thing to finally cure your writer's block."

How do you write? Linear or non-linear? I would love hear what works best for you. 


  1. Glenda, I have found I enjoy writing chapter by chapter but after saying that I do have a basket beside my desk that is full of material that can turn into chapters. I catch my mind jumping ahead to what could possibly happen on into the book. I truly think that everyone has their own technique of writing and what is best for one is not for the other. As long as you write and it comes out to satisfy the author in the end that is the best way to write. You are definitely doing something correct so keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Phyllis. I think all of us just have to find our style, just as we've had to find our voice.

  2. Hello!
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  3. Thank you for the kind words Juhi. I will drop by your blog and check it out!


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