Friday, February 17, 2012

A Storage Solution

Try as I might, I can never keep the little bookshelf behind my computer chair from being cluttered.  It hold some files, directories, lotion, a tape measure and other stuff that has no business being there.  It's just a cluttered little catch-all.  This is what it looked like this morning when I decided I was going to make it look better.
Ugh, I should have straightened it up a little before I took a photo.  I was out and about today so I went in search of some storage.  TJ Maxx had these storage boxes that look like large books.   Bookshelves....books...yes, that's the solution!  The directories and files that I don't use often fit perfectly in the large one and the little odds and ends fit in the other.  I had the basket so I used it for the things I use every day.  The large one was $6.99 and the smaller one was $4.99.  $12 was a small price to pay to get the unsightly things out of  sight.

These are custom bookshelves that cover the whole wall in my office.
I think I need to organize my books and cd's next.  I'll do that before I take a photo of the complete bookcase!  
While I was at it, I bought this pretty box for magazines and papers for the bookshelf under the window.  I'm all for reducing clutter - but maybe I should go back and buy dozens of them because my house seems to stay full of clutter!

I've been preparing for my "Pretty in Pink" brunch with my daughters and granddaughters tomorrow morning.  There will be seven of us "girls" and we'll all be wearing pink.  I'll post some photos later in the weekend.  Hope your weekend is wonderful!


  1. Great job with your organizing. I love those storage books. I am sitting here laughing at myself as I confess to seeing those in the stores for so long and wondering...."those are so cute but how would I ever use them". Goodness sometimes I am not too bright. Now you make me want to go buy some because they are creative and beautiful.
    Have a blessed and memory filled time with your girls doing the pretty in pink day. That sounds like a blast.
    Blessings to you in abundance.

    1. Jules, I've been seeing them also, but today the light bulb came on so I knew what I could do with them. It makes me happy to turn around in my chair and see that cluttery mess gone.

  2. Hi Glenda,

    Wow, great idea! I love those storage books. No matter what I do around here to de-clutter my house it is always cluttered. I do not like clutter. I like to have empty shelves to put a nice decoration or something on. But....

    It is the strangest thing, I can clear off the top of the bookcase or the table, go away and come back just a few seconds later and there is stuff there! It happens every time. My husband has radar that zeros in on cleaned off surfaces. lol

    He even has his own room. Well it is his TV/junkroom/storage room. His stuff just spills over into all the rooms in the house :( Poor me. Oh well...

    I do have my places that are cluttery but it is mostly paper piles with bills and such. I don't think that is the same. Or is it?? LOL

    Have a great weekend my friend. Take care, Janet W

  3. Wow I'm impressed with your decluttering! Hopefully I'll be inspired, I think mine is more of the need to pitch. Hope to do that soon!

  4. Once again, we've run out of room. I have to build another 'something' to hold all the clutter. The whoa-man (okay, me too) just keeps finding 'stuff'. ;)

  5. Dearest Grenada,
    Oh, what a fine job and great change☆☆☆
    I am good at shove or push thing into the closet or drawers, so that not much clutter is not seen p;)
    "Pretty in Pink" brunch sounds FUN♡♡♡ I LOVE pink, I wish I could join the brunch♪♪♪
    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*


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