Saturday, November 5, 2011

Flea Market finds and Treasures - Saturday morning treasure hunt continues...

A crisp and cold Saturday morning found me all bundled up in a heavy wool sweater and scarf at the flea market as I went in search for treasures today.  My goal was to find enough things to sell to compensate for the things I would buy for myself.  It was a fairly fruitful day.

For myself, I found this great old McCoy white vase for $3.  I've been looking for one with that shape for a long time.  I would have preferred a larger one, but you take what you can find.  The reason I wanted this shape is that I have a picture of a vase with the same shape hanging over the small table where I'm putting it.  I'll keep looking for a larger one and when I find it, I'll sell the other.  See how pretty it looks with an arrangement of Red Berry Nandina, branches from my "Burning Bush", and a few Dogwood leaves.  It's meant to be a transitional look from Fall to Winter.  I bought the little Squirrel with nuts salt and pepper shakers today for $1 and four placemats like the round red one under the vase for $2.  Paired with my Fenton bird and a church decorative birdhouse, it looks pretty cool, I think.

Below is the picture that hangs above the little table above. That vase is dark, but it's still the same shape.  OK, it's not ideal, but I like it.
Next, remember the napkin rings that I found on Ebay after a fruitless search for "leaf" napkin rings for my Fall Tablescape found here?  I had looked everywhere locally and everyone was sold out of Leaf napkin rings.  I could find them on Ebay for $12 for four rings, but I didn't want to pay that much for them so I settled for some vintage orange and brown wood rings from Ebay.  Today I found a set of eight, yes - I said eight - leaf napkin rings at the market and I paid a total of 50 cents for two sets of four.  I couldn't resist although I was pretty happy with the ones I had.  They are less bulky though - which do you like best?

All of these things are keepers, so where does the selling stuff come in, you ask.  I have this new fixation for Department 56 Christmas in the City snow villages.  A while back, I wrote about buying several pieces in this post.  I sold the piece I really didn't need and more than paid for the rest.  Today, I went over and bought several more pieces from the same person I bought the others from.  She had given me her phone number, so I left the market and went to her house.  I bought two buildings and several people and cars for $120.  I fell in love with the Harley Davidson Store below.  And I also bought a Department 56 Studio Building Anniversary edition just like the one HERE listed on Ebay.  I do plan to sell it because look what its listed for!  I would love to get that much for it, but I think the person listing this one is dreaming.  Here's the one I'm keeping.

And the one below is what I hope will pay for the other treasures I bought today. (smile)

I had a pretty good day, don't you think?  I love treasure hunting! 


  1. Hello, Glenda.
    Oh, I can see how you enjoyed your shopping♡♡♡
    I must tell you that I wish to visit your wonderful house, if possible haha, seeing some parts through your posts. Yes, sure is the shape of the vase matches the painting!!! And I love the Leaf napkin rings, I DO envy these wonderful tablescape of yours and your culture♬♬♬
    Happy treasure hunting☆☆☆
    Blessing to you and lots of Love, xoxo Orchid*

  2. Hi Orchid,
    I do love my bargain hunting! Sometimes I think my house is just too full of "stuff"! I envy the simple, clean and uncluttered look of your home and your culture. If you ever come to our country, I would love a visit from you.
    Blessings to you!

  3. Hi Glenda. I just love all your finds when you go out bargain hunting! That vase is such a pretty shape, and, as you say, exactly the same as the one in the painting (apart from the colour of course!). I love how my American friends create their tablescapes as well. We don't do anything like that over here in England.


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