Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beautiful minds - the good and the bad

Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to good people?  I've thought about it a lot lately, especially with the illness of my sister-in-law and how her illness has affected all of us who love her.   Sis has a beautiful mind - a mind that continues to reflect on life's blessings even as it slowly deteriorates with the effect of the cancer that is consuming it.  Each day I see her, she looks a little bit deeper into my eyes as if trying to blend her thoughts into mine.  I look deeper into hers trying to memorize each expression and try to feel what she is feeling and wondering how she copes.

And children - why do bad things happen to children?  You hear horrid tales of child abuse on the news - or children being exploited and having to see and hear things that their tender years cannot handle.  And those things are at the hands of adults that these children should be able to trust.  And those same adults - does anything bad ever happen to them?  Nothing bad enough is all I can say.

Then there are the children who get sick with illnesses that ravage their little bodies.  Why?  Why does God let that happen?  There's an eleven year old boy in a neighboring county whose picture I see posted on Facebook asking for prayers that he will be healed of the rare form of cancer that is taking him away.   I look at the picture and see such a fresh, sweet face that should have many more years of life and happiness awaiting.  I look at his eyes and see a child looking back at me and knowing that this could happen to any of our children or grandchildren - and I pray for this child, wishing that by my prayers we could take this pain away from him.   Why can't the murderers, molesters, and drug traffickers be the ones who are affected by these illnesses?  So many whys and no answers. 

Then you hear of all those wonderful people who are trying to make a difference.  People who, like my English blogging friend Diane whose group of friends have led fundraising events to fund a children's Hospice in her hometown.  People who bike, walk, and run marathons to raise money to fund research for breast cancer and other diseases.  And there are children like my nine year old granddaughter, Genevieve.  Her honor's program at school is studying cancer research.  It was Gen's idea for her class to trick-or-treat on Halloween night to raise money to be donated for cancer research.

Good things do happen to good people and I suppose bad things happen to bad people.  Bad things happening to good people just tends to make the news more often.  You just have to dig a little deeper for the other stories.  The stories of kindness and people reaching out to those who need help.  People who want to look more deeply into the beautiful minds and into the hearts of those who suffer.  God be with them all.


  1. Oh, Dear Glenda.
    Beautiful post today, my friend!
    I remember that you wrote about your sister-in-law and reminded me of my mother. She fought with cancer for about a year. I remember her eyes trying to tell me something and I think I could get it through attending on her.
    What a wonderful girl your Genevieve is!!! Also a marvelous idea.
    As you say, I wish I wouldn't have to see people with beautiful mind to suffer. Really unfair sometimes, isn't it?
    Yes, God be with them all!!!
    Love and Lots of Hugs to you, Orchid*

  2. Yes Orchid, one little act of kindness like Gen's idea can sometimes start an avalanche. Hope it continues to roll :)

  3. "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

    John 16:33
    (Words of Jesus)

  4. Really good thought provoking post today my friend. How lovely that your little granddaughter (what a beautiful name she has by the way) came up with the idea of donating that money. Sometimes, you just think that the evil people in this world seem to get away scot-free, when other people, who certainly do not deserve it, have to suffer so terribly. It is heartbreaking when little children suffer from cancer, especially when its terminal. I liked your comments about looking into their eyes. A very good friend of mine died at the young age of 47, and she said to me that the worst thing of it all was having to look into her mum's eyes, and see the pain there. So sad. Beautiful post.

  5. Thank you Laura for the scripture reminder. We do have troubles but we can take heart!

    Thisisme, I have noticed the same soul-searching look when I've looked into the eyes of other loved ones who were gravely ill. It's a memory you never forget.


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