Sunday, September 11, 2011

Share your thoughts of 9/11

This morning I awoke to a blogger's challenge of sharing thoughts of 9/11 in 100 words or less.  My challenge for you is to do the same and how 9/11 may have affected you.  It's hard to limit to 100 words the great sadness and despair we felt that day, but it's a good way to begin to heal our wounded spirits.

My thoughts in 100 words or less:
9/11 was the day the United States lost its security blanket.  The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the threat of nuclear attack during the Cold War era were the last times our citizens had faced the fears of being attacked on our own soil.  We had grown complacent.  Our vulnerability became apparent to us on that September day in 2001 and instilled a fear in us that will not soon be forgotten.   It was an attack on the innocent – forever changing our interpretation of war.  Our security bubble had burst, sprinkling us with fear and distrust of strangers.  And we wept for our fellow man.

The memories of the lives lost that day have become forever imbedded into our hearts.  God was with each victim on that fateful day ten years ago.  He knew each one by name and was available when they cried out to Him in their final moments.  Why did He let it happen?  He has given man free will to make his own choices.  Unfortunately, many make the wrong choice.   My prayers are for healing now, not hatred.  How about yours?
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