Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Political lines drawn in the sand disappear - wouldn't it be nice?

Wouldn't it be nice if we all woke up tomorrow and discovered that while we were sleeping, our elected officials had come up with a wonderful plan?  They had all agreed not to run for re-election until they had fulfilled their obligation of working "for the people" instead working for their own political gain.  Political lines drawn in the sand would be wiped away.  The capitol letters (R) and (D) beside their Senate and Congressional titles would simply disappear and until they accomplished all that needed doing, they would simply be called an "official"of the American government.  They would work on fixing our current problems and accepting solutions that have merit without worrying about which political party suggested it.  They would be prohibited from accepting bribes campaign funds from the rich, middle income or the poor so they would not be accused of making decisions based on getting re-elected.  They would make tax laws based on income and who could afford to pay the higher taxes and the word "loophole" would in no way be associated with paying taxes - at least until we're on surer footing.

I don't know how to fix our country's problems, but I do know that some of the comments from the Senate and the House recently show an irresponsible effort to put politics before people and the economic well-being of the country.  And I dislike being in debt as much as the next person, however, the reason for raising the debt limit is to authorize what is needed to pay for the debt we are already obligated to pay because of laws passed by Congress in the past. This is nothing new, but it is being made to look as if it is.   Raising the debt limit is routine and the same procedure that has been approved by Congress 78 times since 1960: 29 times under Democrat presidents and 49 times under Republican presidents.  I just can't understand why they are hesitating to pay for what they have already authorized to spend.  Of course they shouldn't have authorized to spend so much but they did.   I'm obligated to pay my bills and I do it.  Should the US government not do the same? 

America's political system is broken - it's full of irresponsible and ignorant people who are not doing the job they are being paid to do.  We are paying our elected officials to run our country responsibly.  Both parties are guilty.   If they are not doing their jobs, shouldn't they be fired like other employed people who bicker and fight on the job?  Shouldn't they all be fired for not putting forth a team effort?  Most employers would agree that they would have to let an employee go for just the same reasons that are keeping our elected officials from doing what we elected them to do.

I would love to wake up tomorrow morning and find that they have put all political differences aside and work for what is best for our country.  What dream world am I living in?  But wouldn't it be nice?


  1. Over here is exactly the same - I listen to Any Questions on the radio and instead of answering any question directly they spend the first couple of minutes explaining that the reason we are in this mess is all the other parties fault. I want to scream "Answer the b***dy question!" at the radio sometimes.

  2. As long as people have an agenda and it is for their own gain..I guess we will have to live with it..Personally, I feel we should clean Washington right out and start fresh..Most have made a career there and it isn't because they are looking out for us..Of course there are always a few exceptions..Doesn't it get tiresome?..To me..2012 can't get here fast enough..I laugh, we have Snowe as a senator and people are already saying.."We have to shovel the Snowe out"..I know this..I sure will try..
    Have a great week..

  3. Jane, it makes me want to scream also. I can't remember a time when there's been such clashes with the political parties - it's such a shame. They're all a bunch of babies.

    Diane, that's funny about shoveling the Snowe out! We have DeMint who some of us think is slightly demented, so we're in the same boat. You're right, we do have to live with it, but we don't have to like it, do we?

  4. DO we "have" to live with it??

  5. Sue, I do think the American people are fed up with it so maybe we don't. How do we know that a the senators and congressmen that we elect to replace them will be any different. It's still all about party lines.


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