Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My day has been consumed with housecleaning.  I've challenged myself to getting organized and have spent my second day in my kitchen.  You can read about it here.  Follow along and maybe we can get organized together!

Summer is here in full swing!  We've had at least three weeks where the daytime temperature has been in the high 90's.  The humidity just hangs in the air and you feel like you're suffocating when you walk outside.  Thank God for Air Conditioning!  We're having to constantly keep changing the animal's water dishes.  If not, it would be too warm for them to drink.  The seasons seem to be changing - our June's were once pleasant in the South - now they're right up there with July and August!  I'm ready to vacation in a cool spot somewhere.  A blogger friend who lives south of the equator posted yesterday about the cold they were experiencing.  I was envious.  I guess we just can't be happy, can we?  If only we could hit a happy medium temperature!  Somewhere on this earth there has to be one.  Does anyone know where it is? 


  1. We haven't had it that hot, in the low 80s, but it has been so humid. Yes thank God for air-conditioning. I have been changing the water dishes outside too. I saw a robin having a great old time giving himself a bath. He splashed the water at a distance of over three feet, an Olympiad in the bird world I think :) He was causing such a racket I wondered what an earth was going on as I heard him inside the house. It just sounded like the sound of heavy rain.

  2. Yes, I've had to remember the birds also - having to fill the birdbath daily - ours is a shallow one so it doesn't hold much water. Would have loved to have seen that robin doing his aquatic tricks. They're such robust little guys anyway.

  3. It is coolish here but I'm no good in the boiling heat. I'm afraid your temperatures would finish me off.
    It would be good to have 70F all the year round. That would really suit me!
    Yes...... its important to remember the birds need plenty of water.
    Maggie X

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