Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Updates with photos - Olive, writing space, cicada's and such as that

As I was enjoying my new "writing place" today, I thought I would take a moment to share a few updates on recent posts.  First is my new place to write.  I put a computer stand and our extra PC in the small sunroom that we had recently decorated in a "fishing lodge" theme for Henry.  It's a wonderful place to write.  It has a beautiful view of green trees and a bird feeder right out the window - hopefully it will inspire me to get something on paper.
A place to write
Nice "green" view
Olive came out briefly today to eat and drink water.  Before I could get to her nest, she ran back as fast as her little feet would take her and settled down.  I was hoping to at least "candle" some of the eggs and see if there's a little chick in any of them.

Next update is the cicadas.  Remember how I said that 13 years ago, people would get out of their car and look under the hood thinking that the cicada noise was a fan belt problem.  Today we had our first stop on the corner.  Henry was outside and walked down while the man was looking under the hood.  He asked him what was wrong and he told Henry that his truck was making a gosh-awful noise.  Henry filled him in on the cicada story and away he went happy that his truck was OK.
Truck stopped at the corner to see what all the noise was about. Little did he know that insects were making all the racket.
Sadly, I don't have anything to report on the ghostly bicycle rider.  We plan to go back down soon and I'm going to stop at houses nearby and ask if they've ever seen the apparition.  I'm just downright curious!


  1. Sorry been away for a few days and have only just got round to catching-up with everyone.

    Love your bike rider story - and poor Olive, I know so well that trance etc. Only way that we got them unbroody was destroying the nest, which does seem mean, but they get so pathetically skinny.

    Where I lived before we once had a cycadia beetle on the balcony - the noisy was deafening and I couldn't figure where it came from until the kids showed me - I flicked it and as it flew off we could watch for several minutes the noise was such a beacon!

  2. Jane, multiply that one cicada by tens of thousands and you'll know what we're going through. It's so interesting though, so I don't mind at all putting up with it a couple of weeks every thirteen years.

    I think I'm going in armed with long sleeves and gloves today and take Olive off her nest - put her in her coop for a while and destroy the eggs. Armed is the word because I hear that broody hens are not pleasant when you disturb their nest. We'll see.

  3. I am itching to hear more of the bicycle story.

    Love this stuff.
    By the way Dave and I went to a haunted restaurant by the ocean a few years ago.It was featured on one of those television shows to investigate. It is somewhere on my blog.
    There was NO WAY I was going to the restroom while there. That is where the man showed up to rub ladies legs, He never hurt anyone, but I would hurt me getting out of there.
    These facinate me but scare the beejeebies out of me too.

  4. Poor little Olive, running as fast as her little feet would carry her. I can just visualize it. LOL!! Good luck on getting rid of the eggs. I hope you don't get attacked! Pleased for you that you now have that lovely place to write in.

  5. Sue, there's no way I would have gone into that restroom by myself either. He's a bold one - must have been quite the ladies man.

    Thisisme (I know that can't be your name and I feel funny calling you that), but anyway, Olive didn't get off the nest today and I couldn't bring myself to pick her up. A friend told me this morning that by the 28th day, if no hatchlings, she'll get off and abandon the eggs. I think I'll wait - but of course, if I catch her off the nest tomorrow, I'll go ahead with my plans.


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