Friday, May 13, 2011

Olive and Rube - first time on Youtube

What a bummer Blogger has been for the last two days.  I couldn't access my dashboard - I couldn't post anything and my last post showing Olive and Rube having a bite to eat totally disappeared.  Almost immediately after I shared it on Facebook,  it was gone and everyone got this message  - "Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog As life happens.. does not exist."  So here goes again.

Olive has been a great Mommy despite the fact that she's not the biological mother of little Rube.  One of our little bantam hens laid an egg in Olive's nest.  I was worried that none of Olive's eggs were fertile - but lo and behold, that one little egg finally hatched after dear Olive sat on it for 27 days.  She was finally a mommy - just in time for Mother's Day.  Olive is quite generous - she's very good at chopping up bugs and other tasty morsels for little Rube.  She even gives her first choice at the chicken food that I scatter for them twice a day, but in this video she was anything BUT generous with the chick.  A slice of bread is Olive's very favorite dish in the world.  Look how slick she is at hiding the bread so Rube can't find it.  She just flips it right out of the way before Rube can get a good look at it.  She would probably make a good pickpocket with that poker face of hers.

The noise you hear in the background are those incessant cicada's.  We were unfortunate this spring with their arrival after a thirteen year hiatus.  At least we know that we'll have another thirteen of peace and quiet before they "bug" us again.  Hope you enjoyed the video.

If any of you are reading the adventures of Olive for the first time, please read my last few blogs and get the whole story.


  1. Wonderful to see both Olive and little Rube in action!! And how funny that Olive kicked that bread out of the way!! LOL! Thanks for sharing this little video.

  2. They are so comical to watch - love seeing their little antics when I go outside.

  3. Just caught up with this post and thought the video was delightful. I love that fluffy white ruffle round Olive's neck!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. Maggie, the white ruffle is her top crest, which makes the Polish hens so unique. It's so fine and feels more like fluffy hair than feathers. I have to give it a trim quite often because of her "bangs" getting in the way of her vision. She doesn't seem to mind the "haircut", lol.

  5. As she kicks it out of sight, 'nothing to see here. We're walking, we're walking.


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