Saturday, May 7, 2011


Tomorrow's Mother's Day and Olive wants to thank all of you for following her twenty seven days leading to her happy event - the hatching of her baby chick.  Olive is a Polish Hen and the chick she hatched is an American Bantam and I can already tell they have a problem.  There's a language barrier, but they're working on it. Also, bantams are about 1/3 the size of Polish Hens so the chick is so tiny that Olive has trouble finding it sometimes.  It doesn't help that Polish Hens have that wild and crazy hairdo and those feathers prevent them from seeing well.  I am going to trim her bangs this week.  But, all in all, they're handling their differences well and Olive is trying to be a good mother. 

It's time to name the baby and since everyone has been so great about following her story, I've had my readers nominate some names and we're going to vote.  It there's a tie, my granddaughter, Chloe will be the tiebreaker since Olive was her chicken in the beginning.  Since we don't know the sex of baby chick, the requirements for the name nominations are that the name can be for either girl or boy.
The nominated names are as follows:

Cinco ( because she was born on the 5th of May)
Rube for now - if a boy Ruben / a girl Ruby
Billie / Billy
Duke / Duchess
May / May Day
Cinco de Mayo (same as above)
Jack / Jackie
Will / Willow
Chicken Licken'

Bring it on, ladies.  We don't want this little guy to be nameless for Mother's Day.  Leave your comments here or on Facebook.  Thanks for the votes!

The baby chick is in the top right-hand corner deciding if he wants to get a drink of water.


  1. I can see the little chick in the photo, but I can quite see why Olive has a job to keen an eye on her/him sometimes! Am I allowed to vote for my own suggestion?! I vote for Rube, because I love the name Ruben (boy) and I love the name Ruby (girl) and, as you said, the chick is a little gem!!

  2. Yes! -everyone can vote for their own! That's democracy at work, lol.


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