Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Houdini's side of the story

Houdini, the mouse has been interviewed and this is his side of the story.  He's quite a poet, don't you think?

I've found a new home
It's got all the right features
I'm a loner by choice
and there's no other creatures

It's a very nice structure
and roomy inside
There's a very cool attic
with places to hide

I scamper and slide
on this old hardwood floor
I'm really quite cozy
Who could ask for more?

There's lots of old clocks
that chime in the night
But lately I've noticed
that something's not right.

There's this crazy old woman
who gives me good food
But I've noticed each morning
She's in a foul mood

I don't know if it's normal
or if it's something I've done
Lighten up, lady
I just want to have fun.

With peanut butter and cheese
I could grow quite fat
But I get plenty of exercise
being chased by the cat

The food bowl is strange
It's quite a contraption
If the spring would get sprung
It could cause a reaction.

You thrill me but you'ld kill me
I just don't understand
I would much rather deal with
your nice lazy man

Who sits in his chair
and just watches me run
He laughs at your antics
and thinks it's all fun

But bring it on crazy lady
I think it's a game
You just have to remember
Houdini's my name.

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  1. I didn't know you were such a good poet!!! Excellent poem and very funny. I like the crazy lady bit who is also in a foul mood each morning! LOL! Well done!


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