Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Final Chapter - Mouse versus Man

A new contraption

This will be my final chapter of the story of Houdini the mouse.  The man who watched the story unfold bought a new contraption today.  It was simple.  You bait it with peanut butter, the mouse runs in it to eat the peanut butter and it captures him and you set him free in your neighbor's yard.  This is what the nameless man made me believe.  So as you can see above, that's what I did.  Tonight as we were watching TV, the mouse ran up to it and looked at it and then ran back behind the sofa.  He did this three times so I go find my Flip Video recorder.  Of course he didn't do it again. The nameless man went to bed and I stayed up to write some things.

As I was on my computer, I heard a noise.  I went into the living room and here's what I saw. 
Notice the difference in the lever position.

A picture can tell a thousand words. The man who will remain nameless swears that he thought it was a catch and release.  It wasn't.  I'm sorry mouse lovers everywhere! Tomorrow, we will hold Houdini's funeral.  Visitation is at 8 a.m.  Refreshments will not be served.

UPDATE:  Funeral is over - it was a double ringer.  Apparently Houdini had an accomplice.  I had set two traps and Bingo!  See photo below of a cat in mourning.
Cello, the cat in mourning - shortly after attending the funeral

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  1. Sorry I shall not be able to make it - my thoughts are with you all during these difficult days!


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