Saturday, March 19, 2011

Slowing down - walk, don't run.

We took yet another trip this week - this time to Baxley, Georgia.  We took our time and instead of rushing, we spent the night in Vidalia, Georgia.  It's famous for their sweet, mild tasting onions.  It will be May before the onions are ready to harvest, but we saw fields and fields of them planted.

The hotel we stayed in (AmericInn) was so nice!  It had a nice veranda on the back that overlooked a small lake.  The rooms were nice with comfy beds and pillows and was exceptionally clean - a little pricey, but worth every penny.

A book I read recently about writing gave me some very good advice.  Not only about writing, but in all aspects of my life....Slow down.  I'm taking that advice and running with it.  Or maybe I should say "walking" with it - I'm supposed to be slowing down you know.

All in all, a very nice trip.


  1. What a beautiful place, there are so many gorgeous places to see in Georgia!

  2. Yes Maggi, Georgia does have beautiful places to see - sort of like the Carolinas. Best of both worlds with the mountain ranges to the West and the beaches to the East. This hotel was top notch. If you're ever on US Hwy 1 going through Vidalia and need a place to stay overnight, stop at the AmericaInn. I highly recommend it.


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