Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I've been waiting for these to bloom - I divided these this past winter and they're slower blooming this year - but they're well worth the wait.  I love these Asiatic Lilies.  They do make a statement, don't they?  There's sixty or seventy blooms that haven't bloomed out yet.

Can you  spot something hiding in this photo?

It's Big Red hunkered down in the shade of the plants.

And Momma Hen is leading her little chicks to forage for food.
The timing was a bit off for the lilies since we're leaving tomorrow for the coast for a week.  They'll probably be all bloomed out when we get home.  If my neighbors want some fresh flowers for an arrangement, help yourself while I'm gone!  While you're at it, feed the chickens :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Madness

Summer has finally arrived - not officially, but here in the South, as soon as school is out and the kids kick off their shoes and celebrate, you know that summer is here.  It was an exciting school year for us as our youngest daughter opened up her heart and home to two exchanges students who became part of our family this past year.  Sarah, from Germany went home last week and Nadir, from Spain goes home Sunday.  We'll miss them - but daughter #2 and family are already saving us travel miles to visit them both next summer.

We've been busy lately and I've neglected my house for such a long time.  I'm ashamed to tell this, but just last week I took down my Easter tablescape in my dining room.  Well, in my defense I did put up the bunnies weeks ago....but dishes and tablecloth were still there.  Hey!  I've done worse - once I left my Christmas tree up until February!

But this not about table setting - though I will show you one quick picture before I finish the post.
I've been doing a lot of blogging - not here, but on my other blog since most of my "Life's Happenings" lately have seemed to be consumed by the summer yard sales and flea markets - and an occasional trip to a thrift shop or two.  You can read my summer happenings over at Flea Market Junky.

Today, I'm just giving a quick recount of our summer so far.

A little beach time....

Seeing new life - 4 new baby chicks with a protective mother hen....

Saying goodbye to Sarah and Nadir with a little party...
Now that's steps full of children, isn't it?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sneak on over

Hello to all my bloggy friends.  I haven't posted much lately because our seasonal business is back in full swing.  The summer season also brings yard sales and flea market summer items, and most of you know that I am a Flea Market Junky.  I've found lots of good buys so far this summer and have been posting about them and other finds that I've picked up through the years on my other blog.  I have Ebay and Etsy shops so I can support my habit by selling off the fabulous buys that I'm not keeping for myself.

If you find the time, sneak on over to read the latest posts I've done on my blogspot  "Flea Market Junky".
I'll be back soon to posting As Life Happens.

Don't give up on me - just follow the other blog and we'll still stay in touch until I can get back to normal! I love my followers and fellow bloggers - and yes, I may be a little slow getting all my blog rolls read, but I'm reading as often as I can.

Have a wonderful week.


Gone Garage Saling and Flea Marketing - Be back soon